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Year Name Discipline Location Standing
1993 Jodene Higgins/Sean Rice Pairs Dallas 5th
1991 Penny Papaioannou/Raoul Leblanc Pairs Oakland 9th
1990 Patricia MacNeil/Cory Watson Pairs Buffalo 9th
1989 Dianne Takeuchi Singles Indiannapolis 8th
  Michelle Menzies/Kevin Wheeler Pairs   4th
1988 Christine Hough/Doug Ladret Pairs Portland 4th
  Michelle Menzies/Kevin Wheeler Pairs   6th
  Michelle McDonald/Mark Mitchell Dance   6th
1986 Denise Benning/Lyndon Johnston Pairs Portland 2nd
  Laurene Collins/John Penticost Pairs   4th
1985 Christine Hough/Doug Ladret Pairs St. Paul 4th
1983 Cynthia Coull Singles Rochester 5th
  Melinda Kunhegyi/Lyndon Johnston Pairs   3rd
  Katherina Matousek/Lloyd Eisler Pairs   5th
1982 Cynthia Coull/Mark Rowsom Pairs Lake Placid 4th
  Katherina Matousek/Lloyd Eisler Pairs   6th


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Skate CTCWe are proud to have National, International, World & Olympic Coaches at our training facilities. At this site, our school has a unique approach; our coaches work in a "Team Environment". Each of our coaches has a specific skill that they bring to the different disciplines we offer, such as: Singles, Dance & Pairs.

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