Skate Sharpening

"Professional Blade Sharpening & Skate Maintenance Staff providing you with the Skater's Edge"

Skate Maintenance

The Champions Training Centre offers a full range of up-to-date skate equipment services. We offer quality skate sharpening and blade mounting with personalized attention to the best grind for the skater for greater control over the edges.

The blade mounting equipment assures accuracy and straightness with an on-ice assessment verifying the positioning of the blades. We offer a flexible sharpening schedule making it possible to have sharpening done at the most beneficial of times.

From boot punching and hook replacement to boot plugging we offer a complete service allowing the skater less downtime and more quality time in day-to-day training.

We also have a portable skate sharpener and all the necessary tools that we can take to competitions so that we can make fast, accurate repairs and sharpening in emergency situations.

Blade Sharpening

Blade Sharpening

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Skate CTCWe are proud to have National, International, World & Olympic Coaches at our training facilities. At this site, our school has a unique approach; our coaches work in a "Team Environment". Each of our coaches has a specific skill that they bring to the different disciplines we offer, such as: Singles, Dance & Pairs.

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