Music Editing

"Music Editing Suite, equipped with state of the art technology"

Music Editing

Champions Training Centre features its own custom music editing and recording service.  

Our technicians have an extensive background in figure skating and are highly trained to provide our clients with the finest music recordings.  

CTC provides this service for all levels of skating.  Whether you are a young aspiring figure skater or competing at the most elite level, we will work together to provide a composition suitable for you.

Included in this service is the research and editing of the skater’s program, a personalized CD for the skater’s practice sessions and a competition CD for their competitive season.


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Skate CTCWe are proud to have National, International, World & Olympic Coaches at our training facilities. At this site, our school has a unique approach; our coaches work in a "Team Environment". Each of our coaches has a specific skill that they bring to the different disciplines we offer, such as: Singles, Dance & Pairs.

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